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Blue de grand Feu




Drawing pictures and doing hand-made crafts has been the best means of self-expression for me since I was a young child. After learning traditional ceramic art at Tokyo University of Arts for nine years, I further more learned about European ceramics in France. All these experiences fused, something fresh arose among me newly which strongly attracted me. I like the unique textures and original colors in pottery and ceramics. I wanted to try to combine  these attributes between drawing and ceramics. When I went back to Japan, I started to challenge  the ability to shape my admiration for this in my mind. I call it "Molding Drawing". Though what I was eager to express is yet vague and ambiguous, I'd like to continue to challenge such attractive works.


山本 裕里子 個展


表参道ヒルズ同潤会ギャラリー, 2018年1月


美しい存在を穏やかな未来につ なぎたい。

"Beautiful and calm future" expressed by "Molding Drawing"
I want to connect a beautiful existence to a calm future.
In this exhibition, I expressed my feelings by wrapping the beauty of nature with a calm blue flame using my new expression approach "Molding Drawing". I hope that you will see the world full of calm blue.

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